Hydroblasting Waterjetting

Mycie Hydrodynamiczne

High Pressure & Ultra High Pressure water jetting of surfaces up to 2500 bar (250 MPa):

Our mission is to provide service based on the best available technology delivered by the world's leading manufacturers of high-pressure devices and accessories of the highest quality and reliability to meet the highest requirements of our customers.


In pursuit of achieving goals we place a strong emphasis on the environmental protection and keeping highest standards of safety at work.


The main advantages of high-pressure cleaning technologies are above all:

  • reduction of the amount of waste from surface cleaning in comparison with sandblasting;
  • due to no pollination does not interfere with other works;
  • greater cleaning efficiency shortens time to complete the task;



  • surface preparation for painting;
  • tube & pipe cleaning;
  • hydrodemolition;
  • pavement maintenance.


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